Dr. Mario Rampichini

chemist - consultant


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 Professional qualities


 Curriculum vitae



Professional qualities

Thanks to my long, deep and diversified experience in some sectors of the chemical industry (see Curriculum vitae) I can offer highly qualified consultancy for such sectors under various prospects: R&D, manufacturing, marketing, licensing.

I learned much (and keep learning…) from relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers, and I take the opportunity here to thank all of them collectively; however, my first and best teacher, whom I want to recall to those who had the chance to know him, was of course my father, Dr. Francesco Rampichini, inventor of the Ago-system for sew-less shoes manufacturing.


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e-mail                   mario@rampichini.it

or         m.ramp@tiscali.it

Telephone: (+39) 334 3956128                    

Fax:            (+39) 02-56562187

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Curriculum vitae

Born in Milan (Italy), October 16, 1932

married, 4 children

Doctor of Chemistry, degree awarded by Pavia University, december 1955, score 110/110 points. Thesis on the thermal polymerisation of styrene and a-methylstyrene, advisor (Nobel laureate) prof. Giulio Natta.

Specialization courses

Acad. yr. 1955/56

Business Management

Bocconi Univ., Milan

Acad. yr. 1956/57

Aliphatic Organic Chemistry

Milan Polytechnic

June 1972

Cadres Formation

IAFE (ENI group)

May 1976

New Organization Patterns

IAFE (ENI group)


Job Experiences




sept. '56-july '58


Researcher, Ind. Ch. Inst., Milan Polytechnic

july '58-jan. '59


Researcher, Chemical Lab.

jan. '59-sept. '62

Dr. F. Rampichini

Director, small adhesives-prod. shop

sept. '62-feb. '69


Mgr. Latex Technical Service

feb. '69-apr. '72


Mgr. Latex and Acetates Applications Development

apr. '72-jan. '74


Mgr. Special Chemicals Applications Development

jan. '74-jan. '79


Mgr. R&D Products for Environment Protection

jan. '79-jan. '81


Mgr. Ecology and Technological Devlp.,  Secondary Chemistry Div.

jan. '81-may '83


Mgr. Research Coordination, Secondary Chemistry Div.

may '83-feb. '86


Mgr. Membranes Research Project

feb. '86-feb. '89


Mgr. Membranes Project

Mar. '89-......

(free profession)


applications development, design and sale of membrane systems

chemical specialities formulation


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Soc. Chimica Italiana

European Membrane Society


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- Polimerizzazione stereospecifica di monomeri vinilaromatici - Chimica e Industria, April 1959

- Uso di lattici SBR nei conglomerati bituminosi – Lecture delivered at the Rubber in Asphalt congress, Salt Lake City,

Utah (USA), May 1971

- Procedimenti per la produzione di lattici carbossilati e loro applicazioni - Anic patent, filed Dec. 28, 1971

- Ultrafiltrazione di acque reflue del reparto stiro-fiocco di fibra poliestere - Acqua-Aria, July 1985

- Industrial Applications of New Ultrafiltration Membranes - Lecture delivered at the International Summer School on Membrane Science and Technology, Lanzhou, Gansu (China), August 1986

- Membrane da ultrafiltrazione e loro applicazioni in conceria - Lecture delivered at the symposium "Ambiente e risorse",

Bressanone, September 12, 1986

- New Applications of Ultrafiltration: Effluents from Synthetic Fibers and Olive Oil Production - Chimica Oggi, April 1987


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